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16-19 Tuition Fund

The 16 – 19 Tuition Fund – How King Edward VI College is using this money

The 16 to 19 tuition fund is £96 million of one-off funding for the 2020 to 2021 academic year only. It is ring fenced funding for schools, colleges and all other 16 to 19 providers to mitigate the disruption to learning arising from coronavirus (COVID-19). King Edward VI College has received a small allocation of money to support additional work in areas impacted by Covid-19

All students in receipt of additional support from this fund are on 16-19 study programmes and have achieved up to a grade 4 in either, or both, English and Maths GCSE. King Edward VI College is in receipt of tuition funds and have allocated them as follows:

The fund has supported additional Maths tuition and support to prepare students from the November GCSE Maths exam resit series. In this series 61% of students achieved a grade 4 or higher. The funding will continue to support those students who have yet to achieve their Maths GCSE grade 4 or higher and be focused on the summer qualification period.

The fund has supported the established of the ‘Writing Centre,’ a small group initiative to support students preparing for the November GCSE English exam resit series. The Writing Centre is also dual funded by the college to provide academic writing catch up support to those students in need, no matter what their subject or previous GCSE grades. But the 16-19 Tuition Fund has enabled this project to dedicate greater time to those students needing to achieve a grade 4 or higher in GCSE English, be in in the autumn or summer.

The fund has supported greater tailored one-to-one support for those students with identified support needs. The focus has been on providing more time to deliver catch up provision, to minimise the disruption caused to learning during lockdown one. Priority has been given to those students with Education, Health & Care Plans, but additional support is available for any identified student.

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