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A level student set for Rio

A first year student from Nuneaton has been given T46 paralympic status and now has his sights set on Rio.

The T46 classification is used for athletes with a single above or below the elbow amputation or with an upper limb impairment that meets the criteria.

Douglas Stilgoe was born with Erb’s Palsy in his left shoulder.  After performing a series of tests at a clinic in Loughborough he was given the T46 classification.

Studying English Language, Government and Politics, Biology and Critical Thinking at King Edward VI College, the talented student still finds time train on a daily basis.

Douglas trains at Nuneaton Harriers and also at Loughborough University along with Sam Ruddock who competed in the London Paralympic Games and Sophie Hahn who took gold in the 100m at the 2013 IPC World Athletics Championships in France.

After running alongside able bodied athletes in numerous competitions, Douglas is now the second fastest T46 athlete in the UK for the 60m sprint and the third fastest for the 100m.

With the 2016 Paralympic Games in mind Douglas says “I cannot wait to compete for GB and represent my country, but for me the most important thing is becoming the best athlete you can, when you become the best you can, the times and records will follow!”


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