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An Introduction to AutoCAD

What is involved?

Becoming familiar with the AutoCAD package, to enable “basic” designs to be completed. This will begin with simple 2D designs, exercises and examples. Then move into more involved 3D designs, exercises & examples.

Why should you do this subject?

  • To gain a very practical introduction to using CAD software.
  • To gain experience in communicating information of an item/product in a diagrammatic form.
  • CAD is a useful Engineering tool which can lead to numerous applications and benefits. It could be very useful to support an Artifact for HPQ / EPQ.

What activities will be undertaken?

Creating 2 dimensional & 3-dimensional drawing initially following on-line tutorials. Eventually progressing to creating your own drawing from actual objects. Finally, there is also an option to undertake some Electronic CAD (Circuit Wizard) work towards the end of the LinC programme if desired, whilst this is not AutoCAD it does add to the CAD experience.

How will it help your students in their future career?

Whilst some Engineering careers may not be defendant on being a CAD expert, having an appreciation can provide a distinct advantage to future employers. To develop skills of using CAD systems as used typically in Manufacturing, Engineering environments. It may be possible to extend this LinC further into “modelling” in future incorporating
3D printing.

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