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Change your mind

Students will collaborate in teams to plan 5-10 minute long presentations and workshops to deliver to Year 6 pupils at a local primary school later in the year. Students will form their sessions around the following 5 topics: Digital Detoxing, Transition to Secondary School, Relationships, Health & Development and Basic First Aid. Whilst resources and a framework are provided, students are encouraged to undertake their own research and discussions to create effective, engaging and age-appropriate sessions for their Year 6 groups.

What should students aim to achieve by the end of the course?

Students should aim to research, produce, rehearse, and then finally deliver at least one workshop/presentation from one of the 5 topic choices. However, producing multiple sessions is strongly encouraged and the one workshop/presentation is a minimum expectation.

Why should students select this LinC programme?

Students who choose the Change Your Mind programme are presented with the unique opportunity to actively promote better wellbeing habits and prepare Year 6 children for a major transitional stage of their lives. Students will be given dedicated time to properly research and plan workshops in a collaborative fashion thus developing presentation, teamwork skills and confidence. Leadership opportunities are also available as students will be split into groups at the start of the programme, each group will be required to promote a responsible and reliable team leader.

What employability opportunities would this LinC programme offer?

Change Your Mind offers an opportunity to those pupils looking to gain valuable experience in an education and community setting, important for those considering a career in the teaching or support sector. The programme will also develop professionalism through representation of the college, an essential skill for any career path.

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