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Chess and Board Game Society

At KE6 we understand the importance of giving our students the time and space to develop as well-rounded individuals and to give them the opportunity to meet others with a common interest that they might otherwise not come across.

We run a highly successful Chess and Board Games Society that has brought together a diverse group of young people. They have grown together, building friendships with people they would otherwise not have met while having fun, recharging their mental batteries and getting better at playing games.

The Chess and Board Games Society is for anyone who enjoys meeting up with people to play a game, relax, have a laugh and, just possibly, crush their opponents across the table. Everyone is welcome; whether they are an absolute beginner who has never rolled a dice or moved a rook or a master in building a Monopoly or countering the Kings Gambit.

Each session is an hour and twenty minutes long. The college has a selection of games available for you to play, including Chess and (naturally) Monopoly, and you are welcome to bring your own.

What is involved?

The short version? Playing games! The long version. Tuition in playing games, both in the general sense and specific to some individual games will form an integral part of the society for those interested. The activity is playing games and in so doing building friendships and learning to relax.

Why should you do this subject?

First and foremost, to have fun. The resounding success of the society last year was due to students having the opportunity to relax and have fun together. In doing so they develop friendships and improved a range of skills including teamwork and how to be competitive in an appropriate manner (sportsmanship for lack of a better term).

What activities will be undertaken?

Students will have the option to play games of their choice and to receive tuition and guidance in improving and developing in games in general and, depending on their previous experience, in chess in particular.

What employability opportunities would this LinC programme offer?

Trip to a board game café if members would like to go.

How will it help you in your future career?

Playing board games and chess will help the members of the society to develop team working skills, appropriate competitiveness and have a past time that allows them to relax and control their levels of stress. These are all things that would be beneficial to their future career development.

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