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Couch to 5K

You will follow the NHS Couch to 5k running program and by the end you will be able to run 5 kilometres without stopping. You will run once a week as part of a group at college and you will do at least one additional run per week on your own to maintain your progress. Every week the run will start and end at college, often running through Riversley Park. You will also learn about improvements you can make to your lifestyle to support your running

Why should you do this subject?

This is an opportunity to start running with the support of a group. You will see your cardiovascular fitness improve and your muscle strength will increase. For some people running can control stress and reduce anxiety and depression. Improved discipline and lifestyle choices will have a positive impact on all aspects of your life in college.

What activities will be undertaken?

The 10-week Couch to 5k plan is split over 20 weeks and every week we will complete one run, as well as discussing topics which impact on running, like building good habits and avoiding injuries. You need to download the NHS Couch to 5k app on your phone and bring earphones so you can listen to the app whilst you run. You also need to wear appropriate clothing but there is no need to buy anything new. Trainers, joggers and an old T-shirt are fine.

What employability opportunities does this LinC programme offer?

We will complete a parkrun once you can run 5 km without stopping. parkrun is a 5 km run that takes place in parks nationwide every Saturday morning at 9.00. We will take part in the parkrun at Miner’s Welfare Park in Bedworth.

How will it help you in your future career?

Running regularly can have a positive impact on your future career, participating will improve your confidence, show you can work under pressure, you will create leadership skills, as well demonstrate commitment to improve and establish yourself as a well-rounded person. Traits all university’s and employers look for in applicants.

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