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English – GCSE

Any student who does not achieve a grade 4 or above in GCSE English Language is automatically enrolled onto the GCSE English course at King Edward VI Sixth Form College.

Studying GCSE English would allow you to:

  • Increase your chances of getting into university or further training by improving your GCSE grade
  • Work on valuable skills of reading and writing which will make you more employable
  • Benefit from experienced teachers with a good track record of getting students through the resit

The key topics covered are:

  • Reading fiction and analysing the effect of language and structure
  • Writing short stories
  • Reading non-fiction from the 1800s and the 200s, comparing the messages conveyed and the techniques used
  • Writing a range of non-fiction texts, such as letters, articles, speeches and reports

GCSE English is treated like any other lesson at King Edward VI. You will study for four hours and twenty minutes a week, which allows you the chance to intensively focus on improving your skills.

Classroom activities will include:

  • Group discussions and presentations
  • Essay based assessments
  • Marking exemplar work and suggesting improvements
  • Presenting key themes in new ways, as powerpoint presentations or visual mind maps
  • Group planning activities for extended writing
  • Library lessons, where students read for an hour and then follow this up by writing book reviews

The course will give you an excellent opportunity to boost your GCSE English grade, improving your skills in a number of valuable areas for later life. It also allows you to meet the entry requirements of a number of universities.

Teaching contact time is 4 hours and 20 minutes per subject. Other workshops will be available throughout the year including over some holiday periods. Students are expected to complete up to 4 hours of independent study to complete assignments, homework, extra reading and independent research.


100% exam

2 exams:

  • Component 1: Reading fiction and creative writing- 40%
  • Component 2: Reading non-fiction and transactional writing- 60%

You will also complete a short speaking and listening presentation, which is not graded but has to be submitted as part of the course.

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Paul Maiden paul.maiden@ke6n.ac.uk

Natalie Murphy natalie.murphy@ke6n.ac.uk

Karen-Anne Herbert karen-anne.herbert@ke6n.ac.uk

Caroline Chattaway caroline.chattaway@ke6n.ac.uk


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