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The course will enable you to develop a deeper understanding of French language and culture and build on the French language skills you acquired at GCSE level. Our students are encouraged to develop their enthusiasm for language learning and to communicate confidently in French. As well as the language skills, the course helps you to develop independent learning and study skills. The course covers many contemporary topic areas such as people and society, culture, tourism, poverty, diversity, politics, immigration, work and technology, all within a French context.

This will be an excellent preparation for study in higher education, as well as an invaluable asset in a job in business, law, finance, tourism, education, science and the arts.

If you choose this course you would benefit from:

  • Experienced teacher who is a native speaker;
  • Optional trips to put your French into practice; in the past students have enjoyed university French days and a study visit to Paris;
  • A facilitating subject for university applications;
  • Employers are increasingly looking for people who can communicate and who are open to other ways of thinking, and this course will help you to develop these skills to the full.

In the first year you will study:

  • i. Social issues and trends
    • The changing nature of family (La famille en voie de changement)
    • The ‘cyber-society’ (La « cyber-société »)
    • The place of voluntary work (Le rôle du bénévolat)
  • ii. Political and/or intellectual and/or artistic culture:
    • A culture proud of its heritage (Une culture fière de son patrimoine)
    • Contemporary francophone music (La musique francophone contemporaine)
    • Cinema: the 7th art form (Cinéma : le septième art)
  • iii. Studying a literary work or film:
    • In the 1st year you will study a film.

In the second year you will study:

  • i. Social issues and trends:
    • Positive features of a diverse society (Les aspects positifs d’une société diverse)
    • Life for the marginalised (Quelle vie pour les marginalisés ? )
    • How criminals are treated (Comment on traite les criminels)
  • ii. Political and/or intellectual and/or artistic culture.
    • Teenagers, the right to vote and political commitment (Les ados, le droit de vote et l’engagement politique)
    • Demonstrations, strikes – who holds the power? (manifestations, grèves – à qui le pouvoir ? )
    • Politics and immigration (La politique et l’immigration)
  • iii. Studying one literary work or film:

In the 2nd year you will study a book.

What will I be taught?

The study of a language at this level will improve your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills and is a great asset for work, study and leisure. You will be encouraged to think for yourselves and gain the confidence to express your ideas on subjects which will be covered in the course. Groups are taught using a variety of resources. Wherever possible the lessons are conducted in the modern language with plenty of oral practice and you will learn the appropriate grammar, words and phrases that will help you to understand more and to communicate better.

We will use the textbooks, the College Moodle, the Internet and other texts and resources. You will be expected to take responsibility for your own learning and to submit homework and other written assignments at the given deadlines.

Classroom activities will include:

  • Speaking with a partner
  • Essays on film/book
  • Interactive online quizzes
  • Group work
  • Grammar competition with mini white boards

Based on research into how students learn best, each subject will set independent work to allow you to recap what you have done in the past, consolidate understanding for what you are studying in the present and develop the skills and experiences which will help you for the future. You can read more about the college’s approach to independent study here

The Past
Click here for the suggested ongoing revision activities in this subject which research has shown are most likely to boost your achievement

The Present
Each subject will set weekly homework tasks to help you consolidate your understanding and prepare for your next lesson. This work is typically set through Microsoft Teams, so you will have an electronic log of all your work, notes and feedback.

The Future
A key part of your independent work in this subject will be to prepare for a range of potential jobs and higher education courses when you leave us. To get started, look below at the top higher education courses and jobs which previous students of this course have gone on to do.

French combines well with any other subject on the curriculum as it is a skills-based qualification. As part of a wider programme this course provides an excellent basis for progression to many careers or university courses. Former students of this college have gone on to study French and Business, Accounting, Engineering or Modern Foreign Languages at University.

5 x GCSE grades 4-9 (incl. English Language)

Additional Requirements

5 in English Language or Literature
6 or above in French

Not essential but it will help your success…

A real enthusiasm for learning languages and discovering a new culture.

Pairs well with any other subject.  You prefer to do a course based on final exams only.



Teaching contact time is 4 hours and 20 minutes per subject. Other workshops will be available throughout the year including over some holiday periods. Students are expected to complete up to 4 hours of independent study to complete assignments, homework, extra reading and independent research.


100% exam

3 exams:

  • Component 1: Speaking (30% of qualification)
  • Component 2: Listening, Reading and Translation (50% of qualification)
  • Component 3: Critical and analytical response in writing (20% of qualification)

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