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Criminology Society

What is involved?

Criminology society will only be offered to students who are not studying the Certificate and Diploma in Criminology.
Criminology society aims to further the interests and knowledge of students who are enthusiastic in learning about crime, criminal behaviour and the criminal justice system.

Criminology society will explore a wide range of topics:
• The different types of hidden crimes that exist in society
• The different techniques that are used in criminal investigations
• The different theories behind criminal behaviour
• The role of the police in criminal investigations
• The injustices that have occurred in the criminal justice system
• Whether the sentencing and punishment in the UK really achieves ‘justice’

Why should you do this subject?

Students who have a keen interest in the law, psychology and sociology of crime will be well suited to this LinC programme, as well as students who enjoy reading the news and watching real-life crime documentaries.

Criminology Society will give students the opportunity to develop key skills required in employment and higher education. It will give students the opportunity to research and explore contemporary issues being reported in the news. It will also give students the opportunity to debate matters regarding the UK criminal justice system such as, whether or not capital punishment should be brought back to deal with those convicted of crimes. Criminology society will also help students become more confident in public speaking.

What activities will be undertaken?

Students will complete their own research into important issues that take place in the criminal justice system. They will be given the opportunity to complete group work tasks where they will be able to present and share their findings with others, and they will also be able to debate their views on the issues that occur in the CJS. The students will also have the opportunity to hear from a range of guest speakers and may potentially have the opportunity to visit the Crown Court in Birmingham. The students will also have the opportunity to take part in solving a crime scene!

How will it help with your future career?

Criminology Society will provide students with a clear understanding of the issues that occur within the UK criminal justice system. It will enable students to learn about real-life cases and discuss contemporary

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