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Film Club

Students will get a chance to view a variety of film genre to share thoughts, views and
opinions, in an informal and relaxed environment. Popcorn optional. Tissues provided!

Why should you do this subject?

An entertaining way to broaden horizons, promote diversity and inclusion and contribute to the understanding of cultural and social contexts that will help through college life and beyond. Explore new genres and establish new friendships through the mutual enjoyment of film.

What activities will be undertaken?

Viewing of films chosen by the students within a theme, followed by activities such as writing reviews, open discussions and quizzes. We will view the differences that distinguish a film Soundtrack and a Musical and also explore a little of film promotion whilst we will work towards curating a mini film festival. If circumstances allow, there will be an option to join the Media Dept on trips such as the Edinburgh Film Festival.

What employment opportunities would this LinC programme offer?

An opportunity to improve fundamental skills such as listening, observation, discussion and critical thinking, as well as social skills, imagination and creativity. Also, an option to develop Business skills, including planning, leadership and negotiation.

How will it help you out in your future career?

Film Club will help develop a wide range of transferable skills such as communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and reflection, all valuable skills in the workplace and for study at university.

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