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Registration – College Bus

The current route

  • 07:47 Wood End (Bus Stop just after Meadow View)
  • 07:50 Hurley (opposite Post office on Knowle Hill)
  • 07:58 Kingsbury (opposite Mill Crescent)
  • 08:00 Kingsbury (opposite Sycamore Road near Co-op)
  • 08:03 Tamworth Road (opposite Ascot Drive)
  • 08:05 Dosthill (opposite Dosthill Fish Bar)
  • 08:07 Dosthill (Top of Appian Close)
  • 08:10 Watling Street (opposite Dug Out Fish Bar)
  • 08:13 Wilnecote (Watling Street in layby opposite MHR Carpets)

The bus will arrive at college just before 9am each day, and will leave at the end of the day at the times below according to the college timetable:

  • Monday 16:00
  • Tuesday 16:35
  • Wednesday 16:00
  • Thursday 16:35
  • Friday 15:00

(subject to change according to demand and college timetable)

The cost of the service will be approx £640 for the academic year, this is subject to inflation and demand.

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