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What extra support is available?

You will be assigned a Personal Tutor and have access to specialist career support. Our student support team and counsellor are here to help with any personal issues or additional learning needs.

How many students go on to University?

Approximately 75-85% of our students go on to University, a large percentage go on to Russell Group Universities. We have the largest amount of high achievers in the area.

Can I combine A-Levels with Vocational Courses?

Our college is the only one in the area where you can choose from such a wide range of both A Level and Vocational courses and combine the two. Because we specialise in sixth form provision we can virtually guarantee you any combination, all under one roof. Have a look at the Courses section for more information about choosing the right programme for you.

How do KEGS differ from a school sixth form?

We specialise in teaching Level 3 courses.  Our students are 16-19 resulting in a more grown up, mature environment. Our facilities are specifically geared towards sixth form students. We have a long academic track record of proven success and offer the widest range of subjects in the area.

Can I come and have a look around the college?

Yes, we have two Open Events in November and one in April (see Events for actual dates). If you can’t make either of these dates contact the college to arrange a tour.

I have already completed an application but have changed my mind about where I want to study. Is it too late?

You can change your choice anytime between now and enrolment in August.

What is the deadline for applications to King Edward VI College?

You can apply from our Open Events in November onwards. Ideally we would like applications in by 30th April each year, however we will be continuing to accept applications up to enrolment in August.

Will I get help with preparing for University?

The college has a wealth of experience in supporting students with their university applications. We have a department dedicated to the function and in the last 2 years 82% of applications were successful (5% above national average).

How much involvement do parents have in their child’s progress?

Over the 2 years there are 3 formal consultation events and parents are encouraged to contact personal tutors if they have any concerns. We also have a parent portal where parents can access online ‘live’ data on attendance and progress.

Do I have to pay anything?

Some subjects have small fees for course materials. There is also a £20 voluntary contribution fee.

Will I have free time?

We do not insist on you being on the premises if you have no timetabled sessions, but there is ample supported self-study space should you wish to.

Do I have to wear a uniform?

No. We feel a uniform inhibits students’ freedom of expression. We want our students to wear the clothes they feel comfortable in as long as they are suitable for a working environment.

What are the class sizes?

Class sizes are now 17.

What wider opportunities are available to me?

We pride ourselves on the huge range of activities that are available for you to try during your time here. Have a look at our LinC activities for more information.

How does King Edward VI College differ to staying on at school?

  • We offer a wider range of courses available all at one site.
  • Our staff specialise in their subject area and also only teach 16-19 year olds.
  • We have a proven track record of results going back over 40 years as a specialist sixth form provider.
  • We offer an unrivalled range of LinC activities (both sporting and non-sporting).
  • You will have the opportunity to spend two years studying in a more adult environment preparing you for University or the workplace.

What are the pass rates of King Edward VI College compared to A-Level providers?

Sixth Form Colleges nationally outperform FE Colleges and state school Sixth Forms therefore they are given benchmarks above all schools and colleges.

2018 – 95% pass rate (100% in 19 subjects)

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