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Student Support

Based in the Study centre our Specialist Support team of trained staff provide support for students with a range of additional support requirements, including students with Education & Health Care Plans, young carers or students living independently. The Study Centre is a secure and welcoming space where any student seek support.

The support is tailored to individual students requirements and can be short or long term. The Specialist Support Team work closely with the wider college ensuring that all students take a full part in the learning opportunities offered by the college and gain maximum benefit from their studies. In addition, the Specialist Support team provide intervention and support to vulnerable learners helping to build independence, resilience and improve their learning experience, in both 1-1 and group settings (for emotional wellbeing support).

Your Guidance Meeting

On application to College a guidance meeting will be arranged for you, where you will have a conversation with a member of the Specialist Support team for a brief discussion about regarding your support needs. You will may be invited for additional transition visits, where we can further discuss your support needs and so you can experience college life. If you have an Education and Health Plan (EHCP), the college would ideally like to have received and consulted on this by 30 April in the year of application.

On Enrolment

You will have a further discussion. You will then make an appointment to have a more in-depth interview where an Individual Education Plan can be formulated, resources provided and targets agreed. If you have previously had Exam Access Arrangements such as extra time, a reader or a use of laptop, the team can be made aware of these at this time.

Exam Arrangements

If you have previously had Exam Access Arrangements it is important to bring any paperwork that you may have related to your needs, such as diagnosis paperwork or a Form 8. If you meet set criteria the Specialist Support team can arrange for an assessment, to identify what exam arrangements are needed. We also arrange exam access arrangements for students with physical disabilities and medical issues these include rest breaks and with implementing any access arrangements previously identified on enrolment.

Emotional Wellbeing Support

The College offers 1-1 and small group workshops for emotional wellbeing support. This is in addition to the support available from your Progress Coach and can be accessed through a self-referral or a coach/teacher referral. Workshops are arranged regularly for up to 6 young people on subjects such as anxiety, self care, motivation and sleep. In addition to this we also run College Connect, a lunchtime social space for any young person who finds busier areas of college overwhelming and The Planet, our lunchtime LGBTQ+ social group.

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