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Future Teachers, Future Leaders

What is involved?

We are offering a mini teacher training enrichment, which will involve understanding the key focuses of effective teaching, observing teacher volunteers, having teacher and tutor guest speakers to explain different routes into education. The students involved will gain a great experience and it will prepare students for a range of careers within and beyond education.

Why should you do this subject?

Students will gain a unique opportunity to undergo a mini teacher training course while still at college, which will be of great benefit when applying to teaching courses at university. It will also develop a range of transferable skills, improving students’ confidence, allowing them to communicate with a range of adults, developing their skills in offering feedback and constructive criticism. Students will also have a great opportunity to shape and improve teaching and learning within the college. Students will also be able to plan and teach sample sections of lessons.

What activities will be undertaken?

During the course of the Linc, we will look at a range of topics within education, such as:
• The role of the tutor and the pastoral role that teachers have
• How to plan lessons and what makes a good lesson
• Subject and curriculum knowledge
• Different routes into teaching and other careers in education
• Behavior management
• Giving feedback

How will it help you in your future career?

Students will gain a unique insight into the side of education they have not seen before. This will be very useful for students who are interested in teaching and other careers in education. As we will also be covering
topics such as giving feedback and planning, this would also be useful for careers outside of education, such as management.

What employability opportunities would this LinC programme offer?

The whole LinC is designed around preparing for a particular career path. It will also involve guest speakers from within the college, as well as speakers from teaching courses at universities. If possible, there will also be a trip to a teacher training provider to better understand the experience of teacher training.

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