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Health & Social Care Society

What is involved?

This enrichment is suitable for anybody looking to build up their confidence and to reflect on both their strengths and development needs.

Why should you do this subject?

You will develop your confidence, self – image, self – esteem and self – concept. All of which will motivate individuals. We will be doing different activities including group discussions and informal chats that will build effective communication within the group. This group allows us to share ideas and experiences resulting in the development of new friendships.

What activities will be undertaken?

• Questionnaires
• Quizzes
• Group interactions
• Buddy Systems
• Self – reflection
• Action planning/ mind mapping

What employability opportunities does this Linc programme offer me?

This society will benefit you in all career paths that involve working with the public. It will allow you to recognize your strengths, develop on your weaknesses and build self- confidence, enabling you to communicate effectively with others.

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