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KEC TV: Media Communication

What is involved?

To produce a magazine style web newsletter and learn skills that can be used in new media communications. Students will be encouraged to decide the type of content we want to produce and communicate to other students as well as the local and a global community.

Why should you do this subject?

The media industry is shifting dramatically towards an audience led model that frequently younger audiences are drawn to. This has seen a democratising of media that means that anyone with an internet connection also has a legitimate voice in the modern world. We would like to equip students with an understanding of the impact and potential influence of media but ultimately want to offer the skills to make their voices heard. Students can work on communication, organisational, presentational and interpersonal skills in a highly ambitious environment. It’s a small idea that with the right commitment can grow into many future possibilities. The project could be expanded with demand and further ambition to create something that makes the college unique and ultimately a draw to the college.

This LinC is ideal for those who want to pursue careers within the media industry including:
• Content Producer/ Influencer
• Editorial
• Technical Crew (Camera/ Lighting/ Audio)
• Presentations
• Talent/ Presenters
• Journalism

As this will be a student led activity it will expected that all students who choose this LinC will regularly contribute time and skills outside of LinC time if necessary.

What activities will be undertaken?

The time on this LinC will be split between planning and delivering content every 4 weeks (this could be more regularly depending on uptake as well as the type of content students wish to produce) Editorial meetings and content creation will need to take place as well as live broadcast.

What employability opportunities would this LinC programme offer?

This LinC is designed to be a collaborative workplace like environment. Successful participation in the LinC can be excellent evidence of high-level communication, organisational, presentational and interpersonal skills that are all in demand from employers and universities.

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