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King Edward VI College Remote Learning Offer

Where the college is put into national lockdown measures or where students are obliged to stay away from college following a positive test for Covid-19 or when self-isolating as a result of being a close contact, the following offer applies to all of our 16-19 learners.

Access to remote learning

All students will be supported to work from home. Where students do not have their own laptops, a loan device can be requested. Where students do not have Wi-Fi, support is also available. No student should be in a position where they are unable to access work. If a student does experience difficulties, they should immediately contact their progress tutor or the student support team.

Provision of remote learning

Students required to work remotely, will be able to access lessons via Microsoft TEAMS. A standard full timetable of lessons will be run. They should join the lessons at the normal lesson times according to their timetables. Teachers will make the live lessons available via TEAMS. The screen will be shared so students studying at home see all PowerPoints / worksheets that students in the class get to see. Subjects offering a tutorial model rather than whole-class teaching approach will do 1-1 and small group meetings. Required worksheets and other documents will be placed in the appropriate channel on the class TEAMS page.

Expectations of students and teachers

Students are expected to complete all classwork and homework as normal unless they are too ill to study. Assessments and feedback will be submitted and provided electronically in all subjects. This will vary from course to course and be dependent on the nature of the submission. It will be either through the “Assignment” function of TEAMS, via the OneDrive or via email.

Subjects which require specialist facilities

Where students require specialist facilities or where they work individually or in groups on practical tasks (such as in Art, Photography, Dance, Drama, Performing Arts, Sport and Science) this will be considered, and delivery models adjusted accordingly, where possible.. In addition, specialist software or equipment is available to allow for students to complete remote group work where required.

SEND students

Students who receive Additional Learning Support are able to stay in contact with the team who will continue to provide support. Students with disabilities or learning needs who need to be in college to study effectively will be able to do so.

During a full lockdown period

During a full national or regional lockdown period, all college provision will move to remote learning, as described above. The college will remain open for staff and students (such as vulnerable learners, those requiring specialist support, children of critical workers and those lacking sufficient technology or study space to work from home) who require access.

During a phased return to college period

During a phased return period the college will operate its dual delivery timetable. Classes will continue, as per standard timetables, but students will be placed in two bubbles (blue and red). Bubbles will alternate weekly on being on site to study in class or dialling in remotely to the live lesson via Teams. This will ensure reduced numbers on site (for health and safety reasons) whilst maintaining full weekly learning for all.

During a full return to college period

During a full return to college period enhanced health and safety regulations will be active on site. If student is unable to attend college, due to a positive covid test or other need to isolate, remote learning will be available to enable all learners to continue attending classes virtually and live, using Teams.

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