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Level 3 Foundation Programme (L3FP)

What is the purpose of the Level Three Foundation Programme?

King Edward VI college wants all young people to have the opportunity to gain the skills, knowledge and experiences they need to thrive now and in the future. However, we also realise successes does not always follow a straight line or pathway.

King Edward’s Level 3 Foundation Programme (L3FP) provides students with the chance to re-launch their ambitions. We have named the programme, Foundation, as it has been specifically designed to prepare students to study at a higher level the following year. For many reasons, year 11 assessments do not always go the way students want. This programme offers a fresh start with highly effective and supportive teachers and Progress Coaches who will help students get to the destinations, which they are striving for.

What does the Level Three Foundation Programme involve?

Students enrolled onto the L3FP have the opportunity to enhance their level two qualification portfolio in preparation for progressing to level 3 study. We do see the L3FP as a 3 year programme, not a one year option.
Level two subjects are traditionally GCSEs and vocational subjects students complete in year 11. Level three subjects are A-Level and vocational courses studied at college/year 12/13.

Journey of the L3FP

Year 1 – Students study 4xL2 courses (GCSEs/Vocational courses)
Year 2 – Students study 3x L3 courses (A-Levels/Vocational courses)
Year 3 – Students continue and complete their studies of the same 3xL3 courses as year 2.

How many courses do students study on the Level Three Foundation Programme?

L3FP students study four Level 2 qualifications. We offer both vocational courses and GCSEs. Put simply, Vocational courses are designed to prepare students for a specific sector of work. They include more practical or coursework based learning and assessment opportunities. GCSEs are more academic and traditional qualifications. They typically have a high degree of exam based assessments and theoretical rather than practical study.

What courses does the Level Three Foundation Programme offer students?

For 21/22 we offered the following courses:

Vocational Courses

BTEC First Award Applied Science (BTEC)
Certificate in Leadership Through Sport (BTEC)
Health & Social Care (BTEC)
Graphic Design (NCFE)
Skills for further study in Social Sciences and Humanities (ASCENTIS)

GCSE courses

English (EDUQAS)

Availability of all courses is subject to demand.

What are the Level Three Foundation Programme entry requirements?

Student are required to have already achieved a minimum of 443 or equivalent in their level 2 outcomes. Students are required to retake GCSE English and/or Maths as part of their Level Three Foundation Programme if they have not yet achieved a grade 4.

How do students apply for the Level Three Foundation Programme?

Students do not need to apply for the Level Three Foundation Programme in most cases. Most students will join us in our traditional summer enrolment process as a result of submitting an application for our A-Level/Vocational courses. If they do not achieve the entry requirements for Level Three A-Level or Vocational qualifications the college may recommend the Level Three Foundation Programme as a good option. However, if you are interested in the Programme and would like to ask any questions contact us via

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