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Marketing KEC

What is involved?

Marketing KEC is an opportunity for you to learn more about the world of marketing. You will learn about how marketing works and practise marketing techniques. There will be plenty of chances to create your own content and make a direct impact on the marketing of the college.

Why should you do this subject?

You will gain skills in critical analysis, pitching and public speaking, editing, photography, videography, content creation and copywriting. These skills are transferable to an unlimited amount of careers. Marketing KEC will be valuable whether you are considering a career in the industry or not.

What activities will you take part in?

You will take part in activities such as:
• Creating practical marketing content for the college (focusing on KEC TV LinC and Current Affairs LinC, Student Union)
• Taking photos
• Creating videos
• Using desktop publishing software
• Analysing and reviewing popular brands marketing
• Analysing college marketing
• Working to briefs
• Creating social media content
• Learning about the importance of branding and brand identity
• Representing KEC at events
• Being part of marketing shoots
• Exploring online marketing tools
• Competition with other providers
• How to be in a strong position in the market
• Marketing strategy?
• Digital marketing strategy?
• Email campaigns
• Reacting to a situation leading to an unplanned marketing campaign
• Creating a marketing timeline
• Photography/video planning
• Becoming a virtual establishment in a pandemic

How will it help you in your future career?

The skills you learn will give you practical experience in marketing and transferable skills for careers across many industries. You will also have the chance to gain certificates in online marketing qualifications which look great on your CV!

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