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Meet Ruby, the college therapy dog

Ruby is a 17 month old Cockapoo who belongs to Student Support Manager Shirley Axon.
“I started to bring Ruby into college at the end of September 2016. She has been a fantastic asset in Student Support with her loving and happy nature. She has a calming influence on students when they are upset and anxious with her cuddles.
Ruby is also a great icebreaker when speaking to students; she has attended puppy obedience classes and students are encouraged to keep this training up which helps with their confidence too. Students and staff say that Ruby makes KEC an even happier place.”

Here’s what our students say……

“Ruby is a great help for anyone feeling anxious or nervous and she is always happy to see you”
“She is very good as a therapy dog and is always happy to see you when you walk into student support”
“She is a joy to see first thing in the morning”
“Ruby cheers everybody up!”
“As a sufferer of extreme panic attacks Ruby acts to calm me down the same way my dog at home does”
“Ruby has made my day better more than once”
“Ruby always puts a smile on your face”

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