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Practical Film Making

What is involved?

Filmmaking is where students can learn and apply practical skills in filmmaking. These including planning (storyboard/scripts) learning about construction of shots, filming techniques, experimenting with equipment and editing. Students will work in groups and over the course of the term and should produce a number of short film and scenes.

Why should you do this subject?

Students should select this programme if they have an interest in filmmaking and want to develop their skills. They will develop skills in planning, filming and editing their work. Students will also be encouraged to work in groups which will help develop interpersonal skills.

What activities will be undertaken?

The activities will range from simple planning, to filming and editing. Students will also be encouraged to develop idea and experiment with different techniques.

What employability opportunities would this LinC programme offer?

In the past we have worked with Warwickshire police producing a very successful (100kviews) educational video about the dangers of sexting and also the local charity for young homeless people Doorway.

How will it help you in your future career?

It will help students in their future careers by developing their cineliteracy and helping
construct meaningful audio video projects which they could apply to a number of settings particularly in a very social media driven world.

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