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Practical Guitar Playing Skills

Guitar playing skills for all abilities

Students will need to bring their own guitar. However, you will have the opportunity to work in the music suite and access amplifiers and recording equipment. It may be an opportunity for students to collaborate to form a band or to work solo. You will work with existing Music Technology students who will work with you to record
a piece of music at the start of the programme. You will work to improve this piece during the course. You will then record the same piece of music at the end of the course, so that you can evaluate your own progress.

We would like students to work on a piece of music to perform live at the college Spotlight Awards event in the spring term or alternatively a student led ‘open mic’ event.

As a group you will also be expected to collaborate to find and organise an appropriate venue to hold an open mic event for students participating in the Linc. You will learn how to set up appropriate equipment and complete appropriate sound checks for such an event.

Development opportunities for students:

• You will improve your guitar playing skills
• Collaborate with others
• Learn to engage with music technology
• Develop communication and organisational skills by contributing to setting up an event

You will also develop wider skills such as:

• Event organisation
• Collaboration with others
• Working to deadlines
• Showcasing live events
• Opportunity to visit ‘Abbey Road’ Institute in London

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