Link is our enrichment programme. We want you to meet new friends, make memories and have lots of fun doing something you like.

Link offers you a wide variety of enrichment activities to enhance your college experience. A fantastic way to meet new friends and have lots of fun!

What is Link?

Learn new skills, try something new, and have fun with your friends at Link. We offer over 60 weekly clubs to choose from including social clubs, academic interest clubs, sports, language workshops and much more! All of our activities are free for you to enjoy. So come and try something new and really connect with your classmates.


Link offers a range of over 40 activities that you can choose from. Our activities cover a wide range of interests and involve working on projects, developing teamwork and communication skills, putting new ideas into practice and becoming more confident in yourself.

All our activities are designed to help develop your knowledge or to give you opportunities to try something new, which will help you both during your studies and in your future career.

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