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Psychology Society

What is involved?

This is an opportunity for students who do not study psychology to become involved in the field of studying human behaviour – to learn about what makes humans tick and what the origins of thoughts, emotions and behaviours are for specific areas of human behaviour.

Why should you do this subject?

You will gain a greater understanding of human behaviour in general, but also a greater grasp of your own individual psychology. You will critique, debate, analyse and conduct research into how and why people behave the way they do.

What activities will be undertaken? 

You will be conducting some social research into key aspects of human behaviour that would be easier to investigate for a college student. We will also debate, analyse and critique myths and well-established theories about human behaviour and pick apart how hot topics such as mental health are portrayed in the media.

What employability opportunities would this LinC programme offer?

Where feasible, guest speakers will contribute to sessions.

How will it help you in your future career?

Having a base understanding of human behaviour and how our behaviours originate will always be a great asset for any career. Knowing some psychology makes you more analytical, a logical thinker and a great ‘people person.’

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