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Student Investor Challenge

What is involved?

The Student Investor Challenge is designed for teams of four students from the UK and anywhere in the world to compete for prizes. Teams will invest their virtual money in a set of stocks and other investment instruments. Each team needs to create two portfolios:
• The Active Investor portfolio which allows teams to trade every day. Each month, the team with the most improved Active Investor portfolio will be rewarded with a prize (maximum one prize per team).
• The Strategic Investor portfolio only allows a limited number of trades per month, encouraging long term thinking.

Teams have a virtual £100,000 virtual money to invest in each portfolio.

Why should you do this subject?

If you have ever fancied yourself as the next Warren Buffet or thought what it would be like to trade in stocks and shares for a living, are self-motivated and like to work as part of a team then this is the enrichment for you.

What activities will be undertaken?

Trading in stocks and shares, reading the business pages for share tips and guidance, and creating your own enterprise.

What employability would this LinC programme offer?

Students will gain experience of how trading in company shares works and both internal and external factors that impact upon the performance and share price of businesses. A trip to a local University for a talk on matters related to Business.

How will it help your future career?

You will develop skills of independence, leadership, communication and presentation skills, working in teams and the ability to reflect on and learn from your experiences.

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