James Locke

James attended KEC from 2014-2016 and studied AS Maths, A-level English Language, AS Music Studies, and BTEC Level 3 Diploma in (Electrical) Engineering.

When he left college James went on to an apprenticeship at BAE Systems, a defence engineering company.

“The branch I work for designed the land vehicles our military use today. As such, there was a lot of paperwork including background checks and Non Disclosure Agreements to complete before I started. Was it worth it? Definitely!
I have just finished working on my first classified project, I am also a STEM Ambassador and have attended several events and hosted a few more. My manager has just offered me the opportunity to work at a different site for a few months which I’m looking forward to.

I now live in a small town near Telford in Shropshire. I had to move closer to work as when I first started my apprenticeship I was travelling 100 miles a day. While it is possible, it is not something that I wanted to do long term. So, to anyone looking for a job or apprenticeship, don’t let your location hold you back!
Some of my best memories at KEC were helping Paul McCarrol with the Krispy Kreme doughnut sale he ran; playing music with my friends in AS Music and hanging out with a lot of friends during breaks and lunch. “


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