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Swimming for fun and fitness

Students will have the opportunity to improve their front crawl technique and have some time away from college to blow off some steam with some exercise.

Why should students select this LinC programme?

Students should select this link if they can already swim (at least 2 lengths of the pool continuously) and want to improve their front crawl technique in a fun and relaxed way. Exercise like swimming can be great for relieving stress and a good chance to get away from college. Students should have their own goggles, but swim hats can be provided if needed.

What employability opportunities would this LinC programme offer?

Swimming regularly can have a positive impact on your future career, participating will improve your confidence, show you can work under pressure, you will create leadership skills, as well demonstrate commitment to improve and establish yourself as a well-rounded person. These are traits that all universities and employers look for in applicants. Feeling confident in the water is an important life skill, particularly if you are planning on travelling.

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