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Timetable information for new 1st year students

We have had a few queries about your timetables. Here is a different explanation which may help.

You will have been sent a timetable with all lessons on it for a “normal” whole week. However, the induction week has a different timetable as set out in the attachments that have been sent.

For new 1st year students, the lessons on Monday, Wednesday, Friday are the ones that you come into college for.

INDUCTION WEEK (w/c 7th Sept) red bubble come in during the mornings.  Blue bubble come in during the afternoons. Please see attachments in emails sent for the timings of your lessons in induction week. You only have lessons on Monday 7th, Wednesday 9th and Friday 11th next week.

Year 12 Red Induction

Year 12 Blue Induction

For “NORMAL WEEKS” your onsite days are Monday, Wednesday, Friday – all other lessons will be online.

w/c 14th September is a RED week, so red bubble have on-site lessons, and blue are all online

w/c 21st September is a BLUE week, so blue bubble have on-site lessons, and red are all online

Your teachers will then clarify the above when they see you next week.

If you have a missing subject, please email 

If you have been assigned to more than one bubble, come in to the bubble that most of your subjects are in. You should also contact 

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