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Work Experience

What is involved?

You get go on work experience place in a local business each week. You are expected to travel to the work placement independently and at your own cost. This is an unpaid opportunity, and must be carefully planned around your free blocks at college or in the LinC time.

Why should you do this subject?

Work experience is a fantastic opportunity to gain some unpaid experience in a sector you are keen to explore in more detail.

What activities will be undertaken?

That depends on what you do. We will encourage and support you to find a work experience placement that links to your career interests or allows you to explore a number of career areas in more detail.

How will it help you in your future career?

It will give you a chance to see what opportunities you enjoy and might help you decide whether or not that career is for you.

What employability opportunities does this LinC programme offer me?

Work experience gives you many of the employability skills that employers are looking for. It allows you to demonstrate that you are reliable, trustworthy, a good communicator, honest and punctual. Many companies will provide you with a reference stating this, which you can use when you are applying for other opportunities such as employment, apprenticeships and university.

It will give you a chance to provide future employers with real life scenarios which you can use in an interview, such as a time when you worked as a team or used your initiative.

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