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Latin for beginners: How to speak to your Roman Neighbours

This will be an opportunity to learn the basics of Latin. We shall follow the Cambridge University Latin course and will do a number of activities to help you learn the language. This will include fun quizzes, group work as well as following the course which looks at the language and aspects of Roman life and culture. There are a number of assessments and you will receive certificates so you can see your progress.

What should students aim to achieve by the end of the course?

Students can achieve a Level 1 graded assessment in Latin and a number of certificates on the way.

Why should students select this LinC programme?

-Learn a new language which is the basis of many modern European languages
-Improve your English- Latin, surprisingly helps develop sentence structure
-Learn about the culture of the Roman world
-Regular assessments and certificates so you can see your progress

What employability opportunities would this LinC programme offer?

-Cambridge Latin Course which is part of the University of Cambridge School of Classics Project – level 1 Latin. Regular mini assessments
-Complements students who wish to study Ancient History, English and Humanities.
-Great opportunity for students who study Maths and Science to broaden their curriculum
-Universities like students who have studied languages and would be great to put on UCAS applications

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