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Studying at KE6 – Our Model for Success

The 50-50 Model- Supporting Our Students to Become Lifelong Independent Learners
The biggest difference between studying for GCSE and for post- 16 qualifications is the amount of independent work which is required to be successful.
At school, you are likely to have completed around 75% of your learning in lessons, and about 25% of learning as homework. If you go to university, it is likely that around 25% of your learning will be through lectures and seminars, with 75% being independent study.
KE6 offers a bridge between school and university, and so we offer a 50/50 model. In other words, you will need to match the amount of time spent in lessons with the same amount of independent learning.

To embed good study habits for the future- did you know that students from KE6 achieve 10% above the average of other students at university?
To allow students to manage their time well throughout the year, rather than cramming and feeling stressed at ‘pinch points’ of the year.
To allow time for students to have fun, pursue interests, take part in the wide range of enrichment activities offered at college, and earn money from part time jobs.
To follow the latest research on how students learn best, and the skills top universities and employers are looking for, to give you the edge over other applicants.

If you look at a typical timetable at KE6, you will see how the expected amount of independent work can easily be fitted into your week, allowing you to complete enrichment activities too- and have weekends and evenings off!

Alongside this, all first year students will have a weekly two hour supervised study session, where they will be supported in completing independent work as well as gaining further information on how they can prepare for university or employment

The expectation of four hours of independent work per subject per week may sound daunting, but it is likely that this work is different to the homework you have been set at school. Inspired by research into learning science, and conversations with a wide range of employers, we have created a programme of study for each subject which covers the past, the present and the future.

The Past, the Present and the Future – Our Model for Success

The Past

Repeated studies have shown that regular, ongoing revision and recap helps students learn and retain the knowledge and skills required to be successful. But students are rarely taught how to actually revise. This is why, as a part of 50-50, each subject has created a guide on how exactly to:

  • Consolidate your knowledge
  • Learn new things
  • Assess your understanding
  • Review where you are and what to do next
    This is a process that is proven to work, and each subject will provide a range of bespoke resources to help you through it. Below is an example design for one course, although each course will offer something different.

The Present

This is the ‘standard’ homework for each subject, which will help you to extend your knowledge of the topics covered in class, and prepare for the next lesson. It helps you to support your understanding of the topics you are studying each week, so you can be confident before you move on. Typically the ‘present’ work is set and submitted weekly, with feedback provided from your teacher.

The Future

The work you have done so far will help you have the best chance possible of success in your course. But we have also spoken to a range of experts and professionals to discover the skills and attributes required for you to have the best chance of success after college.
A key part of your 50-50 work is therefore getting ready for your next steps. Each course page provides information on careers related to that subject, and as a student you will also have access to Unifrog, which gives further reading for each course, as well as advice on applying to university and employment. By ensuring you are considering the future as part of your independent work at KE6, we aim to give you a two- year head start on other applicants for university courses or your dream job!

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