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Students receive award for the Nuffield Research Placement

Charlotte, Joshua and Laura all completed the Nuffield Research Placement over the summer holidays.

Charlotte Jackson

My Nuffield project was to use code to create a catalogue of all the known cases of oscillations in loops of plasma- known as coronal loops- in the solar atmosphere, and to run statistical analysis on the data collected. The data I collected is currently being used for further research, and will contribute to several future research papers.

Joshua Davies

I did my placement at Aston university in bioinformatics and worked to produce code which would increase the speed of nucleotide sequence analysis.

Laura Burn

My Nuffield Research Project was taking the formation energy of extreme nanowires encased in carbon nanotubes (CNT) and comparing the energies of different structures at different diameters. Extreme nanowires encased in CNT could possibly be used in high efficiency solid state devices.


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