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A Level Law Students visit to London

On Tuesday 17 April Politics and Law students from KEGS went to London as part of their studies to see the Supreme Court and Parliament. We visited the Supreme Court which is the highest court in the land and saw two cases, one on immigration and one on international banking, which were taking place.  We also had a guided tour of the building and discussed why the government decided to set up the Court. In the afternoon we had a guided tour of Parliament which included watching a debate take place in the House of Commons on whether the government should have asked Parliament before the bombing of Syria.  We saw Jeremy Corbyn in the Chamber and Jacob Rees Mogg was making a speech.  Later in the day we had a workshop and had the opportunity to ask our local MP, Marcus Jones questions.   During the day we also bumped into Boris Johnson whilst crossing the road outside Parliament and saw Downing Street- although not Theresa May.

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