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Information Technology

Vocational Cambridge Technicals in IT at level 3 will suit students who see themselves in a future career related to area such as cyber security and networking. The content is exciting that’s up to date, engaging, fit for purpose and suitable for the needs to achieve their potential and progress to the next stage of their lives, whether that’s Higher Education, an Apprenticeship or employment.
If you choose this course you would benefit from:
• Experienced teachers with industry experience.
• Opportunities to work on dedicated equipment for practical assessments.
• Trips to Birmingham City University, Aston University and Coventry University. TATA consultancy services.
• Collaboration with industry guest speakers such as Land Rover.
• Opportunities to work on projects which will be used to develop and promote IT within the community.

First year you will study: Second year you will study:

Unit 1 Fundamentals of IT (Externally assessed exam)
Unit 4 Computer networks (Internally set and assessed assignment)
Unit 8 Project Management (Internally set and assessed assignment)

Second year you will study:

Unit 8 Project Management (Internally set and assessed assignment)*
Unit 3 Cyber Security (Externally assessed exam)
Unit 2 Global information (Externally assessed exam)

*Unit 8 will overlap into the second year of study


What will I be taught?

This course is a practical with plenty of opportunities to implement the theory that you learn. You will also take part in a number of practical workshops which give you the opportunity explore the internal workings of a computer system and also to install and upgrade an existing hardware and software. The course will be taught by subject specialists, with Industry experience, the main elements of the course cover Hardware and Software, Networking/Cyber Security

Classroom activities will include:
• Planning and setting up a network which includes installation of Hardware and Software practical assessments
• Paper based written exams
• Reports and presentations
• Interactive online quizzes
• Group work with discussions

Based on research into how students learn best, each subject will set independent work to allow you to recap what you have done in the past, consolidate understanding for what you are studying in the present and develop the skills and experiences which will help you for the future. You can read more about the college’s approach to independent study here

The Past
Click here for the suggested ongoing revision activities in this subject which research has shown are most likely to boost your achievement

The Present
Each subject will set weekly homework tasks to help you consolidate your understanding and prepare for your next lesson. This work is typically set through Microsoft Teams, so you will have an electronic log of all your work, notes and feedback.

The Future
A key part of your independent work in this subject will be to prepare for a range of potential jobs and higher education courses when you leave us. To get started, look below at the top higher education courses and jobs which previous students of this course have gone on to do.

As part of a wider programme this course provides an excellent basis for progression to many careers, apprenticeships or University courses.
Former students of this college have gone on to study Cyber Security, Networks, Business Information Technology, Computer Security, Graphics Design development and Computer Programming.

5 x GCSE grades 4-9 (incl. English Language)

Additional Requirements

4 in Maths

Not essential but it will help your success…

An interest in technology and working with software applications. Commitment to working in an organised way and learning to write well-reasoned arguments.

You prefer to do a course that is a mix of exams, controlled assessment and coursework.

Teaching contact time is 4 hours and 20 minutes per subject. Other workshops will be available throughout the year including over some holiday periods. Students are expected to complete up to 4 hours of independent study to complete assignments, homework, extra reading and independent research.


3 Externally assessed units:
Fundamentals of IT (1 hour 30 minutes – marks out of 80)
Global information (1 hour 30 minutes – marks out of 80)
Cyber Security (1 hour – marks out of 60)
Computer Networks Networking and Project management are internally assessed assignments with grading of Pass, Merit or Distinction

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