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Course overview

Esports is a broad subject which incorporates social, physical, mental and financial skills into one qualification. Learners must apply strategy, skill and teamwork to be successful.

How many hours per week?

Teaching contact time is 4 hours and 20 minutes per subject. Other workshops will be available throughout the year including over some holiday periods. Students are expected to spend a minimum 4 hours of independent study to complete assignments, homework, extra reading and independent research.

Entry Requirements

The Level Three Foundation Programme has a consistent set on entry requirements for each course. Students are required to have already achieved a minimum of 4,4,3 at level 2 (GCSE or equivalent).

Exam Board

Why study this course?

Esports is defined as organised competitive gaming, which is human versus human, either as individuals or in teams. If you have an interest in the computer gaming and esports industry and are interested in further study of esports, sport, graphics, business or computer game design at Level 3 you will find this course both informative and engaging. If you have ever thought about professional gaming but have not known how to progress into this rapidly growing industry this course will act as a valuable introduction. You will find it gives you many opportunities to explore how esports has developed and how it is still moving forward. This course is very varied in terms of both content and style of lessons so will suit someone who has a genuine interest in all aspects of the esports industry.

What will I learn?

The two units of study are Unit 1: esports games, teams and tournaments and Unit 2: establishing an esports organisation. In Unit 1 you will investigate different genres of esports games and the professional teams that play them. You will also study the online and live tournaments and leagues in which these esports team compete. In Unit 2 you will investigate different types of global sports organisations; then you will create a brand for an esports organisation as well as a plan to promote your chosen brand.

What skills will I develop?

• Practical ICT skills – you will use computers for completing work, watching videos, gaming and research in most lessons.
• Communication skills – verbal, written and electronic methods of communication.
• Research skills – using various sources to add detail and examples to assignment tasks.
• Time management and organisation – meeting deadlines is critical to this course.
• Responding to feedback – making improvements to your assignments.

How will I be taught?

Teaching in Esports is highly varied with some lessons having sections of delivery and explanation from the teacher, some being focused on use of various digital media (games, videos, streaming, graphics software) some will have opportunities for discussion and debate and others will include time for guided research using ICT. There will also be some lessons where students will be expected to work on their individual or group assignment tasks.

How will I be assessed?

Assessment is completely based on coursework and there will be no exam. Coursework tasks are varied and include completing written reports and articles, a digital portfolio (this comprises research, designs and merchandise) and a promotional plan. Some components of the coursework will be undertaken in groups but the final tasks for assessment will all be individual.

Where will this course take me?

This course will help to provide you with the skills and knowledge to progress into further study of esports, sport, graphics, business or computer game design at Level 3. It could also help to prepare for progression onto an apprenticeship in a related business sector such as events coordination and management, digital marketing or creative media.

Staff contact details

Joe Cox: Teacher of Biology, Applied Science and Esports

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