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For parents thinking about September

As a college, who for decades have supported both parents and teens through their A-Levels and beyond, we know what a pivotal time this is. 

The last five years of schooling have all built up to this moment, GCSEs. With revision and exams in full flow and nearing completion, it is ever evident that the next academic year is fast becoming a ‘here and now’.

It is perfectly natural for your son or daughter to still be considering what to do, particularly now more than ever as there are so many options. Not just subjects but  type of qualification and location too. 

We have dedicated our time to making King Edward VI College a place for our students to develop both academically and socially. Our LinC Enrichment scheme was created so students could expand their learning outside of assignments, exams and homework. These sessions help to develop students personally and intellectually to make them attractive to university Admission Tutors and future employers.

We pride ourselves on being able to get the best out of our students, therefore, we don’t just offer traditional academic A-Levels; we also offer vocational courses and even allow students to choose a mix of both. We really see the benefit for a lot of our students as it provides them with the opportunity to choose not only what they like and they’re good at, but a style of learning that suits them.

With over 38 academic and vocational subjects split over six pathways and three study programmes, there is certainly one thing we aren’t lacking and that is choice. The choice for your son or daughter to find something they can excel at or enjoy – or, more-often-then-not, both. The choice for them to continue on an academic pathway or explore the other wonderful subjects out there that perhaps a traditional sixth form doesn’t offer.  

We also understand that sometimes students find things a little tough, so we have an experienced and caring student support service to help students through anything that may be on their mind, academic or otherwise. 

Let’s not forget you, we know how key you are to your children’s lives, even with them getting older, we know (even if they don’t!) how much they need you. We like to involve you in their education as we know this is a BIG thing for you and it is for us too, therefore we have a section for parents on our website which has a downloadable guide and a whole host of other information. In September we’re launching a brand new app for parents which will be the go-to place for information, events and an area to communicate with us. There’s also information about how we guide them beyond college and into the next phase of their lives as adults.

If you’re interested and would like to know more, you can contact one of our team. It also isn’t too late to apply, all application information can be found here.

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