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Prevent duty is our need to have due regard to prevent people being drawn into terrorism.  The statutory guidance for the Prevent Duty is issued by the Department for Education

We do this by embedding British values in our study programme and through our safeguarding procedures. Visit our Safeguarding page for more details.

The Government has published guidance on how schools and colleges ensure young people leave college prepared for the challenges and opportunities for life in the UK. The four definitions of British values are as follows:

• Democracy
• The rule of Law
• Individual liberty
• Mutual Respect and Tolerance of different faiths and beliefs.

These values reflect those that the College promotes to all its learners through the Code of Conduct. By actively promoting these values the College aims to:

• Help students to become valuable members of British society who treat others with respect and tolerance, regardless of background
• Ensure young people understand the importance of mutual respect and leave the College fully prepared for life in modern Britain
• Celebrate difference and promote diversity
• Encourage an understanding of the difficulties

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