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Huge congratulations to league finalist Dylan Impey

Dylan travelled down to London on Friday the 18th of November for the National League finals 2022, with another four trampolinists from Hinckley Trampoline Club. The finals were being held at the Lee Valley VeloPark Olympic stadium. Trampolinists had to qualify for this national competition from previous national league competitions.

Dylan had qualified for this competition, by gaining enough points and being 15th in the league table for the 15-16 years league 3 boys category. The top 24 in each category qualified. Dylan had placed 3rd in the last league competition, so he knew there was a small chance he could medal but he needed to do two outstanding routines.

After the first routine Dylan was coming 5th. He gained the highest execution and HD (Horizontal displacement) scores in his group but needed to improve his Time of flight score, (how high you bounce) in this next routine. Dylan had been working on a harder difficulty routine and had a new move at the beginning of his second routine. Dylan managed to complete the new move but unfortunately travelled, coming out of his 3rd move and clipped the end pad. He managed to carry on and complete the routine, but because he had touched the pad, the judges stopped marking after 3 moves. Dylan was disappointed to finish 19th, but pleased he had completed his new move and enjoyed the experience of competing in a national competition which was in the Olympic village. He was competing against the top 24 in the county so just to qualify was an amazing achievement.

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