Ella Talbot

Ella attended KEGS from 2011-2013 and studied English Language, English Literature, History and Maths, achieving A*A*AA as well as undertaking an EPQ focusing on American Literature.

“I was also a Student Executive and Student Governor which allowed me to gain a broad understanding of how the sixth-form college worked.
The best thing about KEGS was how well it prepared me for university life. Having to organise my time in my free periods to make sure that I was giving enough attention to all four A-levels developed my time management skills which was definitely a big help when I started my degree.

The thing that I will never forget about my time at KEGS was the people that I met and the opportunities that it offered me. The staff were passionate and incredibly dedicated to making sure students got the most out of their subjects. I am extremely proud to say that I was a former student at KEGS and look back on my time there fondly. After leaving KEGS, I went on to study English Language and Linguistics at The University of Birmingham. The staff at KEGS were incredibly supportive with my UCAS application, showing me how best to craft it, which resulted in me getting offers from all five universities that I applied for. I graduated with a First Class degree in a subject that I loved, and undoubtedly owe my initial passion and understanding of the subject to my A-level English Language teacher.

Since my graduation last summer, I have been working for a company called Deliveroo, a start-up in the food delivery industry. As a Commercial Associate, I handle over 200 restaurant accounts and create marketing strategies, but most importantly, sample a lot of top quality food! I am currently living in Nuneaton, as my job requires me to travel all over the Midlands to manage restaurants in my cities, but in the next few years I hope to travel abroad and possibly move back to Birmingham!”


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