Jamie Bartlam

Former student Jamie Bartlam left KE6 in 2009 after completing her A levels in English, Psychology and Law.

Jamie talks about her career so far and the difficulties she has had to overcome.

“I achieved 3 A’s on final results day and went to the University of Leicester. I then went onto De Montfort University for my postgraduate diploma.

Since the age of 14 I wanted to be a Solicitor and on 15th September 2016, aged 25, I was admitted as one of the youngest Solicitors on the roll.”

Jamie had to overcome some major health issues during her studies.  Born with spina bifida, Jamie underwent two major spinal fusion surgeries and very nearly had to leave University because of it.

She said: “I spent much of my time at DMU in a mobility scooter and by January 2015 my condition was worsening. I was about six months away from being paralysed; my spine was basically crumbling.”

So, In March 2015 Jamie underwent a second spinal fusion surgery which built a scaffold around her spine. The operation was a success and Jamie has been able to live a normal life.

“I now work for Milton Keynes Council as a Child Protection Solicitor which is also where I undertook my training contract, I consider it my dream job as it’s what I always wanted to do and I love it.

I received a lot of support from KE6 as a disabled student, particularly from Shirley in Student Services.”


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