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Business Academy students get a taste of University life

A group of first year students from King Edward VI College recently visited Warwick Student Union to find out more about University life.

The fifteen students, who are all members of the Business Career Academy programme, took part in two workshops which were then followed by a tour of the Student Union including the bars, study areas and restaurants.

For some of the students it was the first time they had visited a University.  All the students were amazed at the overwhelming size of the University campus and the amount of facilities that were available.

Jacqui Clements, chief executive of the Student Union gave an introductory talk to the students before they were split into two groups for workshops run by Erin Davies, education officer and Gerard Henry, student activities manager.

Erin who is a former Warwick University student talked passionately to all the students and gave an honest account of University life.  Erin spent four years studying Law and Sociology and has been involved with the Union for three years. Now education officer, Erin is the main point of contact within the students’ union for all academic-related matters and concerns.

Erin said “It was really great to be able to answer some very insightful questions from the next generation of university students, I wish them all the luck in the world on their exams and beyond”

Elliot Towlson is a first year student at King Edward VI College, who lives in Barwell in Leicester.  Elliot who is studying A level Economics, Film Studies, French and Spanish said “the facilities were modern, the atmosphere was welcoming and all in all it was an eye-opening experience for us”

Another A level student from Nuneaton, Laura Jones said “I had always thought student life would be all work no play but this trip really opened my eyes. There were so many different societies and I was overwhelmed by how much was available on campus.”

Sam Gawn, business academy co-ordinator concluded “The Academy aims to give students the chance to experience the work place and further education.  Trips are just part of the offering which also includes a business mentor for each students, guru lectures on a regular basis and also a six week paid internship during the summer holidays.”

Career Academies UK

Career Academies UK helps raise young people’s aspirations and bridge the gap between education and work by giving them access to real experience of the world of work.

The business-led charity provides a structured programme of paid internships, mentoring, motivational lectures and workshops to give 16-19 year olds, largely from urban areas of social need, the work experience and skills they need to be able to perform more effectively in the wider world.

This highly successful programme, currently run through 140 schools and colleges across the UK, is designed to complement students’ studies. Over 2,500 students from all parts of the UK are currently on the programme and over 4,500 students have graduated since the charity began in 2002.

To deliver the programme, Career Academies UK works with more than 3,500 volunteers from over 1,400 employers in the public, private and voluntary sectors, including SMEs, major multi-nationals and almost a third of the FTSE 100 companies.

Over 85% of Career Academy students progress to university or directly into employment or work-based learning such as apprenticeships or school leaver programmes.

And it’s not just the students who benefit. Employers report that engaging with a Career Academy enhances staff development and demonstrates their corporate values.

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