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Local Author visits sixth form students

Author Ann Evans, who lives in Coventry, visited King Edward VI College to talk to students about writing and becoming an author.

Ann began writing as a hobby when her children were young. This developed into, not only a career but also a way of life.

“I write children’s books, YA books, adult romances, non-fiction, hi-low books, and articles for magazines. I just love writing! As well as visiting schools I also run creative writing workshops and give talks on writing”

Ann’s current book Celeste is a thriller set in modern day Coventry but slips back to Medieval Coventry throughout the story.

“I got the idea for Celeste when I was writing an article about an ancient church in my home city. I started thinking about people who would have used the church in Medieval times… and a story started to evolve.”

One of the students who attended the visit, Carmen Walbyoff said “I am currently writing a story of my own and it was very useful to learn ways to cut down unnecessary words in my writing and how to use dialogue properly. It was also very interesting to get an author’s opinion on my work. I was very thrilled that Ann took the time to analyse my work and give her honest opinions to help in the development of it. It has been a great motivation for me to see my work through, and I will be contacting Ann for advice in the near future”

“Very very very very interesting! Absolutely brilliant! The most useful thing I learnt was how to annevanssolve writer’s block and also create my characters and plots effectively” said John Gordon who is a second year English Literature student.

Another first year student Skye Farmer said “I learnt so much from Ann Evans and she has definitely motivated me to get back to writing again. She has taught me it is okay to be rejected sometimes and that you have to keep trying to get your work out there, even if it is in articles. She really inspired me and I am really glad that I have met her.”

Ann concluded “My advice for aspiring writers is just to keep persevering, learn as much as you can about the craft of writing, and don’t be too disheartened by rejection. Just keep trying. I had a really enjoyable visit and I hope the students picked up lots of tips. They were an absolute delight!”.

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