Be part of a college with the widest choice of subjects in the area

Come to us for the widest choice of subjects in the area. Whether you are interested in STEM subjects or sport or creative industries, our wide range of Level 3 courses are designed to help you gain knowledge and skills for work, apprenticeships, or progression to Higher Education.

The application process will help guide you towards a set of courses that work best for you. You will have several opportunities to receive advice and guidance throughout the application process.

Choosing your courses

KE6 offers a wide range of subjects. When choosing, you may find it helpful to think about what interests you have and match your course choice to your interests or strengths. You may also find it helpful to speak to teachers who are teaching the particular subject you are interested in.

When considering your initial choices think about:

  • What your future career plans are (if any) & which courses will help you get there
  • How you prefer to study/learn
  • How you prefer to be examined
  • What types of subjects have you enjoyed previously and/or been most successful at
  • Which courses go well with each other and have similar skill sets

Quick tips for selecting your courses


Take a look at the types of subject pathways available to take you forward. We have arranged our courses into groups of subjects from which most students would choose 2 or 3 to have a whole programme leading successfully to getting you to your next destination. This is only a guide, courses can be selected across all of the pathways.

How many courses should I choose?

We expect students to study 3 courses plus a LinC (enrichment) activity.

Next steps

Ready to get started? The button below will show you a list of all of our course offerings.

What are the college entry requirements?

For all level 3 courses (A Levels and their equivalents), the minimum entry is 5 GCSE’s at grades 4-9 which must include English Language. Please be aware that many subjects also have extra subject specific requirements above the minimum entry.


Esports (Level 3)

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